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Welcome to ACM
At ACM, we provide state of the art TSCM services. We have over 20 years experience in locating all known types of eavesdropping devices.
What is TSCM?
TSCM or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, is the 'art' of locating eavesdropping devices. This can be a device as simple as a concealed microphone sending room audio to a listening post in the same building, to sophisticated attacks using spread-spectrum transmitters, controlled from a distance.
Services we provide
We use the latest in technology, devices such as Spectrum Analyzers, TDR's, Oscilloscopes, various specialized RF receivers, Optical detection equipment, and others, to INSURE YOUR PRIVACY.

A 'Sweep' includes searching for all known types of eavesdropping devices manually, as well as electronically.

Total Confidentiality
In this day and age, the need for PRIVACY is greater than ever before, we at ACM understand this better than anyone. We provide PEACE OF MIND, we help you secure you private communications, whether they are by phone, fax, radio, whatevere means, ACM can help.

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